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1) Batman by Dave Rapoza on Tumblr

2) Batman by Simone Bianchi

3) Batman by Francesco Mattina

4) Batman by Lee Bermejo (pencils), Mick Gray (inks) & Patricia Mulvihill (colors)

5) Batman by Alex Ross

6) Batman by Esad Ribic

7) Batman by Bill Sienkiewicz

8) Batman by Ariel Olivetti & Mauro Cascioli

9) Batman & Black Hand by Rodolfo Migliari

10) Batman & Joker by Gabriele Dell’Otto

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when u fall for a thirst trap

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"I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new"

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We all have dreams —” 

"Make damn sure what you’re waiting for, is worth the fucking wait."

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Get high with me! That would be awesome!! ❤️💛💚❤️💛💚 transparentpalm, just-a-rasta-girl, aurora—blaze

"Someday someone is going to look at you with a light in their eyes you’ve never seen, they’ll look at you like you’re everything they’ve been looking for their entire lives. Wait for it."

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Classic Video Games.
by Tiago Higgs.

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